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I’m The Dinosaur Guy and I’d like to tell you about myself and this website. This website is about all things prehistoric, including dinosaurs, prehistoric reptiles, prehistoric flora, Pleistocene mega fauna and even early humans. I’m creating this depository because I never outgrew my love of these things and I know there are others out there like me.

This website will be a one-stop shop for information and news about dinosaurs, most of which I hope will be understandable to kids and informative to adults. I’ll write reviews of dinosaur shows, dinosaur movies, and dinosaur products, as well as provide links to buy some of the quality products. I’ll tell you about my favorite museums as well as ones that I’d like to go to. I’ll show you pictures from places I’ve been including parks with dinosaur sculptures or dinosaur art. In short, I’ll write about anything that I think will be of interest to a fellow dinosaur-lover. I’m NOT a paleontologist but my graduate level education has made me an adequate researcher and I’ve worked as an archaeologist, so I have some knowledge of field techniques. I’ve been an educator as well, so I hope to pass on scientific information in a way that is understandable without diluting the most important content. There are a lot of other great dinosaur sites out there which do some of these things and TheDinosaurGuy will link to these as well. Feel free to email me suggestions so I can help fill that need to see dinosaurs that many of us have.

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The Dinosaur Guy

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Review of National Geographic Little Kids First Big Book of Dinosaurs

The title says it all. National Geographic Little Kids First Big Book of Dinosaurs (National Geographic Little Kids First Big Books) is an excellent first book, but hopefully won’t be their last. The large color pictures and the interactive questions will appeal to the youngest readers. There are interesting facts including when it lived, what it ate and they are organized by size. I really like that they mention things that put more emphasis on the fact that all dinosaurs didn’t live at the same time, by sometimes making specific mention of contemporaries. I’m a little disconcerted at the size comparison to humans, which is ubiquitous in dinosaur books. It is a great comparison, but makes it difficult for young ones to understand that they didn’t coexist with humans. My 3-year-old keeps asking, “Is this one good to humans?” The information is broken up into chunks so that you can read as much or as little as you want on each page, depending on the attention span of your kid and how soon you want to go to bed. By the same token, it is not very in-depth, so older kids will want to move on to another book, after they have this one memorized. It is listed as being for 4-8 year olds, but I would say that the information is good for 3-6 year olds, though 6-8 year olds will enjoy reading it for themselves. The Dinosaur Guy recommends it!

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